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War Child Promotion Conditions

We are delighted that you're starting a fundraising campaign in support of children living with the effects of violence and armed conflict. We - War Child Foundation (hereafter: War Child) are very grateful for your efforts. Before you start your campaign, it is important to read the terms and conditions below, as you'll need our permission to undertake your fundraising campaign.

A fundraising campaign in line with our mission

Integrity and transparency are our top priority. We value our good reputation and would like to keep it that way. As soon as you agree to these promotional terms and conditions, you must adhere to our "Code of Conduct" and "Ethical Code". The responsibility for this lies with you as fundraiser. If, at any time, it appears that your campaign violates our "Code of Conduct" or "Ethical Code", we have the right to withdraw your campaign, and all communications related to your campaign can be removed. We may also decide to recover any damages from you (the fundraiser) suffered from breaches to our Code of Conduct or Ethical Code.

Register your fundraising campaign

If you'd like to start your fundraising campaign for War Child, you can begin by creating your fundraising page here. After your registration, we'll assess your campaign. When registering, you'll provide the correct and up-to-date information, so that we can assess whether we can support your fundraiser. After approval of your registration, we will send you a confirmation email and you can get started.

Note: War Child may withdraw given permission for a fundraising campaign at any time without providing any particular reasoning.

The purpose of your fundraising campaign

The main purpose of your fundraising campaign is to raise funds for War Child. A fundraising campaign for War Child may not be executed if you're only wanting to use the name and reputation of War Child.

War Child does not owe you compensation, or consideration of cooperation in any way if you're looking to organize a fundraising campaign. Any organizational and implementation costs are entirely at your own expense and risk.


It is important to communicate openly and clearly about your fundraising campaign, not only towards us, but also towards potential sponsors, participants and other stakeholders. Make it abundently clear that your campaign is being organized for War Child, instead of ‘by’ or ‘with’ War Child. Explain clearly in all communications how people's donation for War Child is structured. For example: ‘For each ticket, €3 will be donated to War Child’. For advice about communication with sponsors, participations or parties involved, please contact the War Child Action team at action@warchild.nl.

War Child's name and logo

If you have received permission from us to get started with your action, you can use the name 'War Child' and our fundraising logo. You will receive this special promotional logo after approval of your campaign. Please note, the standard War Child logo may not be used.

When using the special promotional logo, you must always explain how the donation was raised during the fundraising campaign for War Child. Furthermore, the special promotional logo of War Child may not be linked to products and/or product packaging. 

War Child promotional materials

After we have approved your campaign, you can get started with your fundraising activities. Please note: All promotional items that mention War Child (such as posters, flyers, leaflets, press releases) must be approved by the Action Team prior to release/publication. You can email these items to action@warchild.nl. 

Media attention

If you know that the media will be paying attention to your action, we'd like to ask you to inform our team in advance via action@warchild.nl.

Approaching War Child's partners

War Child's sponsors and partners mentioned on our website may not be approached for the sponsoring of your campaign. Of course, you are free to approach other sponsors yourself. Always make it clear that this is a fundraising campaign for War Child, not ‘by’ or ‘with’ War Child.

Approaching our ambassadors

Unfortunately, our ambassadors cannot be present at your fundraising campaign/event. The ambassadors already do a great deal for War Child and can therefore not be present at any campaigns of third parties. Requesting one of our volunteers, however, is possible. Would you like to know more about children affected by armed conflict and our work for them? You can invite one of our volunteers and they'll organize a 45 min presentation/workshop to teach you (and your colleagues or classmates) everything about what we do and how you can help.

Reputational damage and complaints

If you organize a fundraising campaign for us, you accept the obligation not to harm our name, image and reputation. In the unlikely event that something happens that could have an adverse effect during your campaign, report it immediately - perhaps we can still minimize the damage done.

If you receive complaints about your fundraising campaign, please let us know as soon as possible via action@warchild.nl. If we receive complaints about your campaign, we may withdraw your campaign at any time and without consultation/reason. If we suffer or risk suffering damage through your campaign, we can decide to recover any damage from you as fundraiser.

Duration of campaigns

A fundraising campaign may last a maximum of twelve months, unless War Child gives written permission to extend the campaign. In that case we decide how long for a maximum period your action will be extended.

If a campaign ends or War Child withdraws a granted permission for an action, you must immediately stop using the War Child name and promotional logo. You may no longer mention War Child in communications and – in a broader sense – do not link War Child to your fundraising activities in any way. 

Transfer funds

The collected funds can be deposited/transferred to War Child in two ways. Our preferred option is that you and the people that support you transfer the money through your own fundraising page. In this way you and your sponsors get immediate insight into how much funds your campaign has raised. The alternative method is a transfer to:

Account number: NL24 INGB 0000 0066 69
To: War Child
In: Amsterdam
stating the payment reference

You will receive this payment reference from our Action Team. The latter is important for us, in order to be able to link the donation administratively to your campaign. Based on this campaign data, we can recognize your donation(s) in our accounts. We can also confirm receipt of the collected amount in a personal letter. If you have not received a payment reference, please email action@warchild.nl.

Donations must be made no later than four weeks after the end of the fundraising campaign. If you do not want to transfer the amount via iDeal, please let the Action Team know in advance when we can expect the donation. In the case of a continuous fundraising initiative (a campaign that lasts longer than six months, with our permission), it is important to update the donations collected every quarter or half year via action@warchild.nl and forwards this amount to us. 

Raise funds for a specific War Child project

It is possible to support a specific country or project with your action, if the proceeds of the fundraising campaign are a minimum of €15,000. If you'd like to know more about this, please send an email to action@warchild.nl.

Campaigning for War Child abroad

If you would like to raise funds in or from abroad with your fundraising campaign, we are obliged to report this to our international colleagues. So if you have plans in that direction, please contact us first, so that you will not suddenly be faced with legal surprises.

War Child doesn't do door-to-door fundraising with a change box

War Child does not approach doors with a change box. We therefore ask fundraisers to not engage in this either. 

Our fundraising platform

The website, www.voorwarchild.nl, is owned by War Child. The website is made with Kentaa, a product of Kentaa B.V. (www.kentaa.nl). War Child and Kentaa make every effort to prevent defects in this website as much as possible and to remedy them as quickly as possible. Kentaa depends on third parties for its services, such as hosting and payment providers and the interfaces (API) of the social networks.

War Child and Kentaa give no guarantees with regard to the operation of and the services via this website, and reserve the right to change or extend the service. War Child and Kentaa are not liable for direct or indirect damage of any kind arising from the use of the website or any information provided thereon, including damage or loss of data, damage to equipment or programs.


We make every effort to respect the rights to texts, photos, illustrations, cards, other graphic material, (trade) names, brands, logos and databases. The copyrights, trademark rights and/or any other intellectual property rights of the material or right to be protected belong to the company that makes use of this material or right. If photos, illustrations and such like are uploaded on www.voorwarchild.nl by a fundraiser, participant or project leader, the fundraiser, participant or team leader guarantees that the copyrights of third parties are respected on that material. The fundraiser, participant or team leader hereby indemnifies War Child against claims from third parties for violating copyrights.

Transaction costs

Payment provider Mollie B.V. takes care of the settlement of transactions via www.voorwarchild.nl. The transaction costs will be calculated by Kentaa and Mollie B.V.. War Child and Kentaa are not liable for the service of Mollie B.V. With a donation someone can contribute to the transaction costs. The exact transaction costs depend on the amount donated and the payment method.

Personal data

All data (personal data) in the correspondence with the website www.voorwarchild.nl that can be traced back to a person, will be treated with the utmost care by War Child and Kentaa. War Child and Kentaa comply with the provisions of the General Data Protection Regulation (‘GDPR’), the Privacy Statement, and the Cookie Statement. War Child is always regarded as ‘controller’ and Kentaa is always regarded as ‘processor’ within the meaning of Article 4 sub of the GDPR. War Child and Kentaa gain full insights into your data. This data will not be given or distributed to third parties unless War Child is obliged to do so based on statutory regulation, court order, or official order. Your data will be recorded when visiting www.voorwarchild.nl, creating a fundraising page, logging in by social media or e-mail address, or when donating. War Child and Kentaa are using your data in the execution of your fundraising campaign, the participation in events, processing donations, and to inform you about War Child’s work or to ask for your support. If you do not wish to receive information from War Child, or wish to object to the processing of your data, please contact us via jouwrechten@warchild.nl. You can unsubscribe for newsletters and emails by clicking the subscription link at the bottom of all emails sent by War Child. If it appears that a person younger than 16 years leaves personal data on the website www.voorwarchild.nl, War Child will verify, within the technical possibilities, whether this data is has been issued with the permission of a parent or caregiver. If the permission is missing, we will not proceed to process the personal data. Our privacy statement always applies to the processing of personal data. You can find this statement here.


Cookies are an essential part of using the internet. Cookies are small files which are stored on your computer. Kentaa uses this information to recognize the website visitor on their next visit, and to offer personalized content, and to make the website easier to use. Cookies are used to get static data. Both War Child and Kentaa act in accordance with article 1.17 of the Dutch Telecommunication law and the Cookie Statement when placing cookies.

Removal of content

Both War Child and Kentaa have the right to (partly) delete inappropriate or copyrighted information that has been posted by users on www.voorwarchild.nl. This can be done without warning and any form of compensation.