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Beyond our comfort zone for a war less childhood
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My son Camille and I will join the War Child Kilimanjaro Challenge 2020. We are both deeply touched by the circumstances in which many children in war zones are growing up. Most, if not all, of us have grown up in a safe environment, where we have been able to live up to our talents and ambitions. This is unfortunately not the case for thousands of young children. The War Child Foundation does incredibly good work taking kids out of war zones to hopefully at one point to be able to take the war out of these children.

The War Child Kili challenge, climbing Kilimanjaro Africa’s highest mountain @ 5895 meters, will raise hopefully additional awareness and financial support for their good cause.


And you can make a difference & help us!

Today, we are reaching out to you to  financially support the amazingly important cause of War Child and would be very happy and honored to have your donation for War Child and specially for thousands of young children who we wish will have better future. If that is the result of Camille and Arnauld walking their boots off up the mountain then our ascent will be more than successful.

Please surf to and see who already have shown their support for War Child  team 2 Camille & Arnauld and join us. We will send you updates on our preparation, the actual climb, and we will share our insights on War Child and their local activities with pleasure.

Their English site is accessible via The Kilimanjaro Challenge homepage is not in Dutch. But if you go to this English site and click the specific amount you wish to donate, you get to a new page and at the bottom it shows: "donation to a specific person?"  Pls fill out Team 2 Kili Camille and Arnauld and it will be rerouted to our page and visible. Having trouble with this: pls mail me and sure we can assist!

Thank you so much for your consideration for this initiative,


Arnauld and Camille van Hees

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€ 62,77 19-01-2020 | 18:13 Geweldig dat Camille de TOP heeft gehaald en Arnauld de toppen van zijn kunnen heeft gerespecteerd!
€ 25 17-01-2020 | 17:34 Om Arnauld en Camille te helpen met hun challenge voor Warchild
€ 100 13-01-2020 | 15:24 Succes met de beklimming. Jullie kunnen het!!
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