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Thank you for coming to my page.

Do you feel your children are safe? Do you feel they have a fair chance of having a decent life? The children in the war zones don't, but we can change that.

2020 January, I'll climb the Kilimanjaro. It's the tallest mountain on Africa continent, 5895 meters altitude to be precise. Getting to the top is challenging both physically and mentally. 35 degree at the bottom to -20 degree on the top is no joke. But I am willing to accept the challenge of climbing to the summit for a great cause, raising 30,000 euro for the charity Warchild.

Warchild will use the money to help children in war zone to provide protection and education. Children are the most innocent. They should never be part of wars. Please support me to reach my goal and help as many kids as we can.

It takes one step at a time to reach summit at 5895 meters and one donor at a time to reach my 30,000 euro goal!

International donors please go to  Add Lu Wang Kili Challenge 2020 to the note and the amount will be added to my goal.

Important note!! I'll cover my own expenses for the Kili challenge. All the donation will go to Warchild directly.

Jakefood, Dutch vegan meal replacement producer, will sponsor my supplyment for the entire expedition besides 500 euro donation. If you order on with code KILI10, you'll get 10euro discount (order above 30 euro) and 10% of your order will go to Warchild too.



2020 年1月,我会去攀登乞力马扎罗。这是非洲大陆众多山峰中最高的一座,海拔5895米高。登顶对体力和意志都是很大的挑战。从山脚下气温35度到山顶部零下20度的温差听着有些让人望而却步,不过我愿意接受这个挑战。为了一个有意义的目标,为慈善机构Warchild(战争儿童)募捐3万欧元。

慈善机构Warchild(战争儿童)会用这笔钱帮助在战争地区的儿童,包括给他们提供人身保护和教育资源。孩子是最无辜的, 他们从来都不应该是战争的一部分。请支持并帮助我完成我的目标,让我们一起尽可能帮助更多的战争儿童。


国际募捐者请到 , 备注Lu Wang Kili Challenge 2020, 您赞助的金额就会自动加到我的目标中。


Jakefood, 荷兰纯素替代餐公司,会给我免费提供登山需要的素食能力bar, 另外捐赠500欧元。如果你在 上用KILI10订购,那除了你会得到10欧的折扣(30欧以上的订单),你订单金额的10%也会通过Jakefood捐赠到我的募捐中。