Frequently asked questions

Do you have any questions regarding the Kili-Challenge? Have a look at the Frequently Asked Questions below, send an email to or call at 0204227777.

Corona situation #0 - For now, Tanzania still has travel restrictions. How will I know if we can travel to Tanzania in 2022?
Corona situation #1 - When do I have to pay if I register now?
Corona situation #2 - What happens if the corona measures still apply in 2022?
Corona situation #3 - What happens if the expedition cannot take place because of COVID-19?
Corona situation #4 - Will I lose my money if Mountain Network goes bankrupt because of corona?
Corona situation #5 - At this moment, I don’t see myself starting a fundraising campaign. If I don't start until next spring, will I have enough time to reach the target of 2.400,- EUR?
Corona situation #6 - Why should I sign up for the Kili-Challenge 2022 already? Isn't it too early?
What does War Child do?
Where does War Child work?
How many children does War Child help?
When will the Kili-Challenge 2022 take place?
How much will the travel expenses amount to?
What is (not) included in the costs?
Do I pay the total sum of the expedition straight away?
Am I allowed to pay my travel expenses with my fundraising money?
How can I minimise the additional travel expenses?
Does this expedition harm the environment?
How much money do I need to raise for War Child?
What happens if I do not reach the minimum of 2.400,- EUR?
How much of the raised funds actually benefits conflict-affected children?
Can I expect support from War Child during my preparation?
Can I use War Child promotional materials for fundraising?
Can I organize fundraising initiatives with a fellow Kili-Challenger?
How many children can we help with the Kili-Challenge?
What date do we leave and when do we return?
Which airline do we fly with?
Can I stay longer in Tanzania?
How long does the actual climb take?
Can I complete the climb in five days?
Can I choose the route myself?
How fit do I need to be to climb Mount Kilimanjaro?
Are the local guides and porters experienced?
How many people are in the group?
Do I need a doctor’s note to participate?
Can I visit a War Child project before or after the expedition?