Let's do it - for warchild - for children in Need! The best challenge ever - starting January 2019...

Lena Meiselbach
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IBAN: NL24 INGB 0000 0066 69
Konto von: War Child Amsterdam
Meine Spendenseite: 5018103000038867
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In our day to day life we are busy, time is flying by and very often we are not even aware of how lucky we are. Lucky to have a job, lucky to be healthy, lucky to live in a country where there is peace. War being something the most of us only know from media coverage.
From time to time I think to myself: I should be thankful - I should do more - I should share more and I should try to do somethng for those who are not as lucky as I am. That is why I have decided to take on WarChild's KiliChallenge.
But what does that mean? It means that together with a group of people I will be climbing the 5895 meter high Kilimanjaro in Tanzania in January 2019 to raise money for children living in countries where there is war. The organization I am doing this with is Warchild.
Warchild helps these children by giving them psychological and social help, education and safety. Things that are essential for children, giving them a chance to a normal youth, not having to worry about war all the time. They are the next generation, the future of their country.
My goal is to raise as much money as possible, in order to help as many children as I can. So if you have any money to spare: Please donate down here. Every euro counts!
100% of the donations will go to WarChild. The expedition, flight equipment and other expenses for myself will be covered by me.
So I am not asking you to donate to me - but for children in desperate need of help!
Thank you very much for every single euro in advance, it will make a difference...
Wish me luck - it is gonna be quite a challenge for me.
Thank you very much for your donation - Lena
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IBAN: NL24 INGB 0000 0066 69
Konto von: War Child Amsterdam
Meine Spendenseite: 5018103000038867
Bitte meinen Namen und die Spendenseite angeben
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