Climbing Kili for War Children

Camille van Hees

( Member of team: Camille en Arnauld )


34% reached of my target amount € 2.400
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We are both deeply touched with the circumstances in which many children in war zones are growing up even today in 2019! Climbing the Kilimanjaro, Africa’s highest lookout, will raise hopefully even a little extra awareness for the good cause War child is working for. We are reaching out to you and trust you will be able to make a (modest or generous) donation for our team, for War Child and especially for thousands of young children out there who we wish will have even a slightly better future. If that is the result of Camille and Arnauld walking their boots of up mountain, sweating in pain .. then our ascent will be more than successful. And fair: this is a great father/son activity.. one that no doubt we will remember for long.

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