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one small step for me, one giant leap for warchild

bob stuurman


196% reached of my target amount €2.400
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To support the activities of War Child, a charity based in The Netherlands which supports children living in  war zones,

I have accepted the Kili-Challenge 2020 to climb the Kilimanjaro mountain in Tanzania. 


The physical challenge I will meet is tough but incomparable to those children who are in need of a safe home, life skills and education.

The real challenge is to fundraise a minimum of €2400,- and preferable more before January 2020!

 To meet this target I am asking you, your family, friends and colleagues to help support War Child:




       For donations made from outside the Netherlands, please use:

       IBAN: NL24INGB0000006669  BIC/SWIFT: INGBNL2A

       attention WARCHILD/Holland Kili challenge 2020 Bob Stuurman

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